• CUSTOMER : Dellbrook Construction, LLC
  • OWNER : Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • CONTRACT : $840,450.00
  • DATE STARTED : February 2022
  • EXPECTED END : October 2022

This project is a full site work development package for a new 30,000 Sq. foot dormitory building at Massachusetts Maritime Academy Campus. 


Our scope of work for this 8 month project includes:
full erosion control, survey, full depth pavement pulverization, existing building abatement and demolition, the demolition of existing site features, sawcutting asphalt and concrete,  and mass earthwork cut/fill operations.

In addition, we’ll import 4,000 CY of structural gravel for building foundation, as well as work excavation and backfill for the proposed building foundation. We’ll also install duplex sanitary sewer pump station with 2” forcemain piping, and a full drainage system including cultec 150 recharge system, domestic and fire suppression water services, and complete rain garden systems.

This project also includes vertical granite curbing, bituminous pavement parking lot, parking lot signage and bituminous striping.

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