Concord Middle School

  • CUSTOMER : CTA Construction Managers
  • OWNER : Town of Concord
  • CONTRACT : 19153
  • DATE STARTED : June 2023
  • EXPECTED END : February 2025

Sitework, excavation for the support of structures, roadways, and

Provide temporary water to customers and owners trailer. Furnish and install temporary pedestrian travel route, including but not limited to curb cut ramps, sidewalks, signage and painted crosswalks. Construct a temporary parking area, access drive, walkway, basketball court and playground. Site demo includes but not limited to existing utilities including structures, piping, curbing and pavement removal, utility cuts and caps, and site improvements, etc. Decommission all sanitary system utilities. Clear, grub trees,
shrubs grass and other vegetation. Install and maintain erosion and sedimentation controls. Excavation and backfill or all site electrical items. Install bollards per plan, including concrete fill.
Provide all necessary cuts and fills required. Prep concrete pads,
sidewalks bituminous pavement, building slabs on grade.
Strip, stockpile, screen and spread topsoil. Furnish and install
all bioretention soils. Excavate and back fill for all building footings and foundation walls. Furnish and install complete drainage system including but not limited to all drainage piping, structures. Furnish and install complete sanitary sewer system, pump stations, and fire protection. Furnish and install retaining walls, bituminous concrete pavements temporary and permanent pavement markings. Furnish and install curbing, crushed stone surfacing, aggregate base for decomposed granite, and aggregate base for reinforced turf. Furnish and install MIAA basketball court, athletic fields and bituminous asphalt walks for the construction of a new Concord Middle School. Restoration along Old Marlboro Road.

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